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The Going Group is a network of home shopping "web-stores" committed to helping customers enhance their home by providing unbeatable product selection, service and prices - while offering a seamless and informative online shopping experience.

The Going Group offers you a one-stop shopping experience of the entire home decor industry (and more!) - all from the comfort of your home! Gone are the days of running from one store to the next or calling the entire Yellow Pages in an attempt to find what you are looking for - by providing superior customer service and access to one of the largest collection of products on the web, The Going Group offers exactly what you are looking for - all at the best prices available!

Our sister websites include: GoingLighting.com, GoingRugs.com, GoingKnobs, GoingFixtures.com and more! So whether you're searching for a crystal chandelier for your dining room, a beautiful traditional rug for your bedroom or a designer faucet for your bathroom, search no more: we have it all!

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